Welcome to the STEEL project at Leeds Met


Welcome to the blog for the Leeds Met STEEL synthesis project funded by the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA). We will be using this space to blog our progress on this short project as well as our outcomes. The project started in January 2010 and aims to produce a synthesis of evidence-based research in order to inform decision-making by practitioners in the appropriate use of technology enhanced learning for employability and employee learning in higher and further education. We will be using a case study based approach and later in the project we will be seeking case studies from anyone in higher or further education on successful uses of technology to support employability and employee learning. More on that later.

We had our first project team meeting today where we developed a more detailed project plan and our first set of actions. Being a relatively short project (until August 2010) time is of the essence so we need to have a clear plan. We will post a summary of this to the blog once it is tidied up to give you an idea of what will be happening when.

Unfortunately the weather did for us in our first planned activity of project – attending the start up meeting in York. This was held on the day the snow came to West Yorkshire and local travel was extremely difficult. Indeed our team representative did set out but was turned back by police en route as the road had been closed! So our apologies particularly to the HEA and the other project teams – not the best start for us but we can hopefully make up for the lost opportunity.

For the rest of January we are focusing on our initial literature review. This is intended to identify the following:

  • the key issues and concerns of HE  and FE lecturers/practitioners, students and employers in the use of technology to support learning in employability and employee learning that will guide the focus of the study
  • themes to be identified in case studies (ie the structure of the proforma)
  • representative work in the area to use as case studies.

More on this later.


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